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Financial Footings - Step 1

Beginning with basic information, from how to identify coins and bills to more complex topics related to the budget and objectives, students may accumulate the necessary knowledge to make the right decisions in the future. The program designed for Kindergarten through second grade, has four modules which are usually divided into eight segments of twenty minutes each, in order to suit the needs of each group’s time. Each module contains an activity designed for younger students and one for older students.

Financial Footings - Step 2

The Financial Footings Step 2 program provides youth an introduction to the world of personal finance. These presenters can truly connect with youth by delivering an engaging and relevant program.


Financial Framings

Financial Beginnings is excited to debut its Financial Framings program for middle school students. This new program provides finance education while framing personal financial decisions within the larger local and global economies. Curriculum is taught through an interactive, game-like format, which engages students by presenting real-world economic scenarios.


The Pathways program helps students successfully transition from high school to post-secondary education (and beyond) through informed and proactive financial decisions. Pathways helps students navigate the complex maze of financial decisions – from loan agreements to household budgeting to choosing a career – that accompanies adulthood.


Financial Foundations - Banking

Banking is important to understand because participation in banking services is typically one’s first exposure to the financial world. Having a strong relationship with a financial institution and properly managing a bank account can provide a strong foundation for future financial transactions one might require. In this section, we introduce financial institutions, how they work and how you can utilize them in managing your money.

Financial Foundations - Budgeting

Budgeting is the foundation of personal financial planning. Budgeting allows us to manage our money by tracking our income and expenses. Since every person is different, it is important to know how to create a budget to use for our own specific needs.


Financial Foundations - Credit

In today’s economic society it would be rare to not use credit to pay for items such as a large purchase, car repairs or any type of emergency situation. Credit can be an overwhelming topic, but understanding credit is critical for managing one’s finances responsibly, as credit can affect many aspects of your life.

Financial Foundations - Investing

Investing is an excellent way to build wealth and achieve your financial goals in life. This guide will help you understand the key principles of investing.


Financial Foundations - Risk Management

Many times, individuals feel that they are paying money into insurance policies but not getting their fair share back. This is not how insurance should be viewed. Purchasing insurance is a way to manage risk. With insurance, you are paying for the protection of your assets and should hope that you do not have to use it, since using insurance sometimes means something bad happened.

SAFE - Student Academy for Financial Empowerment

SAFE combines group lessons and one-on-one financial coaching for college students who have limited income sources, access, and safety nets. SAFE positions students to graduate on time and with reduced debt by helping them develop personalized financial goals that work for them.

"Financial Beginnings’ lessons were important. A lot of people might now save themselves from falling into too much debt. It might even prevent someone from having to foreclose on their home." - Student Participant