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Financial Beginnings is a proud member of the Nonprofit Assoication of Oregon.  

Through community partnerships with likeminded organizations Financial Beginnings is able to share resources and best-practices to ensure the efficiency and efficacy of its programs. A few key partners include:

The Coalition's direct objective is to encourage curriculum enrichment to ensure that basic personal financial management skills are attained during the K-12 educational experience. The wheels of education do not need to be reinvented, they simply require balance. 

The mission of the Banking on Our Future program is to execute a global delivery system for financial education for youth ages 9-18 at no cost to school districts, with a focus on urban, under-served communities.

Participating Community Organizations

In addition to schools, Financial Beginnings delivers its programs through partnerships with community organizations and other nonprofits. This allows Financial Beginnings to reach an expanded audience as well as underserved populations and communities. Financial Beginnings partners with over 40 community groups and organizations; below are the profiles of several community partners.


Portland Mayor's Summer Youth Connect Program - Summer Youth Connect is a four-year series of interventions for targeted high school students during the summer months. Each year, students receive progressively more intensive academic support and career and college experiences as they move toward graduation and into higher education, training, and jobs. Sponsored by the City of Portland, Multnomah County, Portland Schools Foundation, and Worksystems, Inc., last summer’s effort reached 1,650 students. 


Washington County Juvenile Department, Harkins House  - Harkins House offers a program for struggling adolescents who have serious emotional and behavioral issues. The Program provides youth with rehabilitative services to develop age-appropriate emotional and behavioral competencies in a structured environment. 

Springdale Job Corps - Springdale Job Corps is an education and vocational training program for the economically disadvantaged youth. At Springdale Job Corps, students receive the skills needed to succeed in today's workforce. 

Innovative Housing Inc. - Innovative Housing, Inc. (IHI) is a nonprofit developer of high-quality, affordable housing for low- and moderate-income people. Based in Portland, Oregon, IHI's mission is to create innovative solutions to unmet housing needs and help our residents maintain their housing stability, improve their quality of life, and break the cycle of poverty. 

Community Partners for Affordable Housing - Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) provides safe and healthy affordable housing along with support and skill building activities for individuals and families with the greatest need who live or work in the Tigard-Tualatin area and SW Portland, Oregon. 

Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington - Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington serves nearly 30,000 members throughout Oregon, and Clark and Skamania Counties in Washington. Our council prides itself on offering a diverse range of programs, aimed at welcoming and encouraging participation by girls with varying interests, ethnic and language backgrounds or life challenges. 

Homestead Youth & Family Services Inc. - Located in Pendleton, Oregon, Homestead Youth & Family Services, Inc., is a private non-profit agency. It was originally founded by local residents in 1968 as an alternative to the State Training School. For over 30 years, Homestead's commitment has evolved as a multi-program support and resource agency for disadvantaged, at-risk, delinquent youth, and their families. 


Janus Youth Programs - Since originating in 1972 as a Multnomah County demonstration project to provide residential care for adolescent substance abusers who were largely homeless, Janus Youth Programs has provided a second chance for youth from high risk environments - many of whom have no other resources, no other family. Janus Youth Programs offer runaway and homeless youth services, an alternative education classrooms, a detention program, a teen parenting program, a college scholarship program, and a 85,000 square foot urban agriculture program addressing hunger and employment issues. 

Washington State University, At Home At School (AHAS) - The AHAS program is designed to provide educational support and social enrichment to students who are "low status" or under-served (i.e., homeless, live in shelter, transitional and other subsidized low-income housing, qualify for free and reduced lunch, or are in foster care, chronically ill, English language learners, have an incarcerated parent, and/or low school attendance). Programs include a summer educational program and specialized tutoring and mentoring projects, among others.