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Partner Highlight


COUNTRY Financial

We love helping people become more financially educated! The generous support of business and organizations like COUNTRY Financial make our mission possible.

COUNTRY Financial firmly believes in giving back to its communities and works to foster a culture of volunteerism. COUNTRY Financial has been a longtime supporter of Financial Beginnings and generously serves as our inaugural Five Star Supporter.

Thanks in part to COUNTRY's financial support, our affiliates have been able to educate more than 40,000 individuals last year, with 84% of our programming participants taking steps to manage their spending and 68% increasing their savings. Additionally, COUNTRY has distributed close to 15,000 free Financial Beginnings materials to schools and other local nonprofits, and their representatives use our programming across 17 states! COUNTRY's efforts have also included a partnership with Chicago public schools using our programs.

"COUNTRY Financial has had the great opportunity to use the Financial Beginnings curriculum within a number of the schools in the communities we serve to teach kids and their parents about money. Specifically, we've had great success with partnerships with the Chicago Public Schools and their Parent University community initiatives, pilot event with the Kansas City public schools, programs for residents of the Chicago Housing Authority, and with many of our grant partners who are educating the community on financial topics." Michael Fisher, COUNTRY Financial

A sincere thank you to COUNTRY Financial!

"I learned that financial goals are a good thing for people to have. I made a short-term goal of getting a new car once I graduate and a long-term goal of owning a home." - Student Participant