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Financial Beginnings offers a variety of programs serving youth, educators, and the community at large. Program categories include Youth Programs, Community Education & Outreach, and Advocacy.

Youth Programs

Financial Beginnings offers distinctive programs for: 

Each program provides age-specific curriculum and teaches youth how to adeptly navigate banking, credit and insurance industries; actively participate in these industries; and responsibly manage their personal finances. Youth Programs represent our largest initiative, read more about our Youth Programs HERE!

Community Education & Outreach

Teacher Training

The first of its kind in Oregon, the Teacher Training program, set to launch in 2014, will give Oregon educators the tools and knowledge they need to teach financial literacy to students in lieu of or to complement Financial Beginnings' school and youth programs.

Mysteries of Your Money Series

The Unraveling the Mysteries of Your Money is a series of forums open to the general public that offer expert panelists who field questions and discuss finance topics that are relevant and important in today‚Äôs economy. These forums are moderated by Brent Hunsberger, a well-known finance columnist from The Oregonian newspaper. These forums have been well-attended and noted as a tremendous success. By request from the general public, educators, and our partners, we will be formalizing and expanding this series in the 2012-2013 year so stay tuned! Click Here to learn more!                                                                                      


General Advocacy

Financial Beginnings also functions as a general advocacy organization, working to spread the larger message of personal financial responsibility and the importance of individuals playing an educated and active role in their financial future. To this effect, Financial Beginnings provides a variety of events and media campaigns to create awareness regarding financial literacy. Financial Beginnings also leads the state in celebrating National Financial Literacy Month, recognized in April.

Advocacy in Action

Financial Beginnings is proud of its ability to bring about systemic change in regards to Oregonians - especially educators - recognizing the need for personal finance education. Due in part to Financial Beginnings' work with the state legislatures and the Department of Education, new Social Sciences Content Standards were adopted by the Oregon State Board of Education on August 15, 2011 (ORS 329.045). Previously, personal finance education was buried under the larger, and more general, topic of Economics. The recent change in standards, however, includes "Financial Literacy" as a standalone "Social Science Core Standard" for high schools. This new standard requires education about personal finance decisions, income potential, risk management, investment and the impact of financial decisions on personal, local, regional and global economies. This new requirement will go into effect in the coming 2012-2013 school year. To view the standards click HERE .

"Two weeks ago I didn't know what to do about my future. The thought of supporting myself intimidated me. But now that I have completed the Financial Beginnings program I have a much clearer understanding of banking, savings, insurance and credit." - Student Participant