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Investing in Your Community

Becoming a Financial Beginnings affiliate begins with a passion for empowering youth and adults to take control of their financial futures. Combining this passion with business sense, local community support, and a staff and board diverse in their abilities and expertise is the key to a successful affiliate.

Becoming a standalone nonprofit is always an option, but new nonprofits fail at about the same rate as small businesses and are solely responsibly for programming, fundraising, and impact measurement. Affiliates, on the other hand, receive valuable support from Financial Beginnings National while retaining the autonomy and discretion to modify programming and operations to best suit the needs of their specific communities. Financial Beginnings National supports affiliates with its full suite of programs, initial matching funds to get started, and customized training in fundraising, board development, program evaluation, and much more.

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"Financial Beginnings' programs are educational, interactive, and fun. My students asked lots of good questions about important topics relevant to them."

- Partnering Educator