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A Message from Dr. Bell, Financial Beginnings Founder
As I reflect on what we have accomplished during trying times of the past year, I am humbled and hopeful. So many Americans struggle with financial literacy - laid bare by COVID-19. But adversity brings clarity for our mission. Our big "pivot" in 2020 was to shift our plans to commemorate Financial Beginnings' 15-year anniversary and instead zero-in on efforts to deliver our programming in an online model. The addition of on-demand video lessons, learning materials designed for virtual delivery, and ready-made lesson outlines for educators allowed us to continue serving our mission despite social distancing mandates across the country.

Our newly developed custom Learning Management System (LMS), though in its infancy, is already well-received and will help open new learners to our curricula in a fashion we've never offered before. Our Financial Foundations program referesh - in content and design - is also launching in 2021 with an increased emphasis on learner-centric lessons and activities.

Creativity, innovation, and insight from students, educators, volunteers, staff, and funders have all helped sustain our efforts toward a financially capable nation.

With gratitude,

Financial Beginnings affiliate teams invest in their local communities' well-being and quality of life. Programs serve all groups, but focus on low-to-moderate income and financially vulnerable populations.

Financial Beginnings has provided educational programming to Oregon communities since 2006 and expanded into Washington state in 2014. Since that time, the recent opening of affiliate locations in California and Nebraska has allowed us to provide programs to more communities in more states than ever before. Our goal is to continue national expansion and lead the way toward a financially capable nation.

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