Our answers to common questions about the specifics of our programs.
Our programs span kindergarten through adults, with our custom curricula developed for different stages and phases of financial learning. Naturally, questions arise!

We've compiled answers to common questions here. Please read through this list to see if your question is addressed.

How long is each module?
Each module has specific hours of curriculum built around it, but may be selected a la carte, in any order, within the time increments that work best for the hosts.
Note that each module typically contains accompanying interactive activities, workbook tasks, and overall learning objectives, which factor into the estimated time as well.
For details, visit the programs page
Can I request any program for my learners?
Yes, Financial Beginnings' curricula span the continuum from kindergarten through adulthood. While programs are geared toward specific age groups, hosts can select the program that is the best fit for their learners. Note: The adult programs, SAFE and Forward, need to be requested via email so our staff can offer a tailored response to your group's needs.
What's included in the curricula?
Most of the program curricula include a resource guide or workbook to supplement the lesson; a PowerPoint Deck with complete presenter's notes; and a presenter's guide that provides teaching instructions for volunteers.
For curricula details, visit the programs page
Who teaches your programming?
We train volunteers to teach the program(s) you request for your learners (with one exception: for grades kindergarten, first and second, the classroom teacher typically instructs using our materials). Accompanying materials are sent to you by Financial Beginnings--all at no cost to you.
Can individuals sign up for classes?
In general, in-person classes are only open to people participating through a school or community organization. Periodically, our online offerings open to the public; check here for
upcoming community webinars.
Have further questions?
Reach out and we'll answer.