Financial Beginnings offers a simple and full-service approach to program delivery.
We provide engaging, age-appropriate financial education programs.

Financial Beginnings programs are provided to learners at no cost through the generosity of donors, corporate and foundation partners, and curricula licensees. Programs are full-service - we supply all curriculum and supplemental materials, which are mailed to schools or community groups. Financial Beginnings also provides trained volunteers who teach the lessons of each program. Our curricula meet individuals where they are in life and serve their learning and financial empowerment needs.

Our youth curricula grow with young learners, providing programs starting in kindergarten and going through college.
Financial Footings introduces our youngest learners to the world of personal finance.
Financial Framings helps early teens relate personal financial decisions to the broader economy.
Financial Foundations provides teens a detailed introduction to key financial concepts and resources.
FOR GRADES 9-12 & Postsecondary
Pathways guides teens and young adults on postsecondary education and career options and responsible debt management.
The learning doesn't stop once a student finishes high school. Our curricula also guide learners as they try to make sense of financial pitfalls and shortcomings throughout adulthood.
SAFE empowers postsecondary learners with the habits, mindset, and skills needed to address financial barriers and enhance financial well-being.
Forward empowers financially vulnerable adults with the requisite knowledge and tools necessary for greater financial stability.
Looking for resources?
Financial Beginnings licensed programming helps you make an impact on the communities you serve. Use our relevant and engaging financial lessons to connect with various age groups and individuals in need.
Why license Financial Beginnings curricula?

We have licensing packages that will help your organization deliver quality programming at a fraction of the cost necessary to develop and implement curriculum in-house. Purchase licenses for only those programs you need or choose to access the whole suite of programming. Licensing agreements are customized to meet the needs of your organization and the groups you serve!

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