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Financial Strategies for Economically Vulnerable Adults

Forward participants work through group modules in person or online. Trained financial coaches who provide additional one-on-one guidance are available to participants at no cost.

The Forward program works with economically vulnerable adults to support them in:

  • Establishing a financial safety net for emergencies
  • Reducing and managing educational debt
  • Establishing or growing savings
  • Developing a plan to build credit or improve credit
  • Increasing the use of traditional financial services and decreasing the use of non-traditional services
  • Understanding the cultural and emotional influences on financial decisions

If you are interested in the Forward program, please contact us at programs@financialbeginnings.org.

"Financial Beginnings’ lessons were important. A lot of people might now save themselves from falling into too much debt. It might even prevent someone from having to foreclose on their home." - Student Participant