I am pleased to announce that Financial Beginnings Oregon, Financial Beginnings Washington, and Financial Beginnings USA are now operating as one. All three boards voted unanimously to complete a merger that the organizations have been exploring for over a year - the merger is official as of April 16, 2024. The new organization, simply Financial Beginnings, has come together to better support and empower our learners, volunteers, hosts, and employees. We remain unwaveringly committed to our mission of empowering youth and adults to take control of their financial futures in all our current markets.

When I arrived as CEO of Financial Beginnings just over a year and a half ago, I knew we could be stronger together. A few of the biggest benefits I saw to unifying our organizations were:

  • Reducing silos between the learners and those developing the curriculum, allowing community voices to help shape the lessons
  • Having more resources to better support our volunteers, who are truly what makes our work of teaching and empowering possible
  • And of course, overhead reduction - doing things once instead of three times saves time and money

For us, it will always be about relationships first - relationships with the learners, volunteers, hosts, employees, and funding partners - we're all stronger together, and so are our communities. By emphasizing the power of teamwork, trust, and partnerships we're better able to achieve our mission and create positive impact.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tabs on this page.


Ronecca Norvell
CEO, Financial Beginnings

P.S. Since we're all about collaboration - we have a few partners to thank who financially supported this work of unifying as one organization and building a new strategic plan. BIG thanks to: the SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration, The Ford Family Foundation, and Don and Julie Rugg.

P.P.S. Also, BIG thanks to our board members who spent hours reviewing info and asking the right questions to make sure we ended up in the best possible scenario for everyone.

What's your name now?

Moving forward our name will simply be Financial Beginnings - we will no longer use USA, OR, or WA.

What's the mission of Financial Beginnings?

Our mission remains the same: "Financial Beginnings empowers youth and adults to take control of their financial futures."

Why did you merge?

With the goal of making deep and wide impact with our gold-standard, volunteer-driven model, we determined that an independent affiliate business structure is not the most effective. Some of the biggest advantages of becoming one organization are:

  • A built-in pathway for participant voice to be incorporated into programming
  • A strategy that's cohesive throughout the organization, enhancing local market impact
  • More sophisticated and sustainable business model for the whole org - supporting increased program capacity and impact
  • Reduced overhead and duplication of tasks
  • Systems that are informed by business functions from across the organization
  • Opportunity to build a streamlined, comprehensive volunteer training and stewardship program
  • What happens to Financial Beginnings Oregon (FBOR) and Financial Beginnings Washington (FBWA)?

    FBOR and FBWA will merge into Financial Beginnings and be part of the larger organization. All their employees are retained as is our commitment to serving learners in both states.

    What about Financial Beginnings California (FBCA) and Financial Beginnings Nebraska (FBNE)?

    FBCA and FBNE were not independent affiliates with their own EIN/501c3 numbers - they were already part of the Financial Beginnings USA organization. Our commitment to serving learners in both California and Nebraska is unchanged.

    Will any offices be closed because of the merger?

    All the work in our territories will continue, with mostly the same people you've worked with all along. We do currently have two office buildings in Portland - one for Financial Beginnings Oregon and one for Financial Beginnings USA. Once our leases are up, we'll be combining the two offices into one space.

    Is there a new mailing address?

    Our mailing address is 6443 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, Suite 430, Portland, OR 97221

    What's your EIN number?

    Our EIN number is 20-3530960.

    Who are the board members of Financial Beginnings?

    Click here to see our board list.

    Who helped you through the merger process?

    The strategic organizational development firm, Glick Davis & Associates, was contracted to assist with the Financial Beginnings unification process, providing guidance and support to ensure a successful transition from a nonprofit affiliate model to a single-entity model. Glick Davis & Associates is an experienced, Seattle-based firm that has facilitated more than 45 nonprofit consolidations, including several with multiple parties.

    Who should I contact if I still have questions about the merger?

    If you have questions about the merger, please contact our CEO, Ronecca Norvell at [email protected]

    Will this impact how I log in to see volunteer opportunities?

    With our new organization, our main page for information, resources, and access to volunteer accounts is: www.financialbeginnings.org. Once logged in, the search feature remains the same as before.

    What areas of my volunteer experience will change? Will my main point of contact be different?

    We are excited to be building out a regional volunteer support team, headed by Liz Rose, that will be our volunteer's first point of contact. Our Market Managers, who you are familiar with, will continue to be a resource for you in your state and will still be reachable. Those contacts are:

  • California - Joanne (Market Manager) - [email protected]
  • Oregon - Maree (Market Manager) - [email protected], Jasper (Program Manager) - [email protected]
  • Washington - Jason (Market Manager) - [email protected]
  • Nebraska - we'll be hiring a new Market Manager soon, but until then you can reach out to: Alex Manoogian - [email protected]
  • How will this affect finding classes?

    Aside from logging in through www.financialbeginnings.org, the search process remains the same as you are accustomed to!

    Can I expect more, less, or the same amount of email from from Financial Beginnings?

    We strive to ensure our email communications with volunteers are informative and relevant.

    Will your website URL change?

    Our main page for information, resources, and access to volunteer accounts is: www.financialbeginnings.org. The websites finbegor.org and finbegwa.org (as well as other states) will eventually be discontinued and merged into the main website.

    Will your download tool remain the same?

    Only samples of curricula will be on the main website. Once volunteers log into their accounts, they'll be able to access the full versions of the presentation materials needed.

    Will I need to retake the volunteer orientation?

    No – you will not be required to retake the volunteer class. If you ever want a refresher, you're welcome to join again!

    Will the class materials change?

    The class materials will remain the same as you are accustomed to seeing and using.

    Will this result in more shadowing or training opportunities?

    We plan to provide additional training in the future that will help provide volunteers with more tools to be successful and impactful in the classroom.

    Will this change affect how I've partnered with my local FB office?

    This will not affect how you've partnered with our local offices - your main program contact or contacts will remain the same. Those contacts are:

  • California - Joanne (Market Manager) - [email protected]
  • Oregon - Maree (Market Manager) - [email protected], Jasper (Program Manager) - [email protected]
  • Washington - Jason (Market Manager) - [email protected]
  • Nebraska - we'll be hiring a new Market Manager soon, but until then you can reach out to: Alex Manoogian - [email protected]
  • Will our MOU need to be revised?

    If your organization currently has an MoU with our organization, it remains in effect.

    Will your program offerings change?

    All of our current programs will continue to be offered and we are thrilled about the potential to harness the power of a larger organization to improve the quality and range of our programs.

    Will my educator account and download credentials change?

    No, they will remain the same.

    Will your website URL change?

    All the old URLs will soon re-direct to a single unified page, www.financialbeginnings.com

    Will this impact my currently scheduled classes?

    No - all our programs will continue without interruption.

    What is the correct tax identification number?

    The Financial Beginnings tax ID is 20-3530960.

    Will we need to update Financial Beginnings' ACH information in our payment system?

    If you have made ACH payments to Financial Beginnings Oregon or Financial Beginnings Washington in the past, you will need to update the account numbers you have on file. To get updated ACH payment information, please contact Roxanne Myslewski, Senior Director of Revenue: [email protected]

    Where can I find donation information on the FB website?


    Can I still restrict my donation to work in a specific state?

    Yes, donations can be designated to a specified state where we provide financial empowerment work. For Foundation and Corporate partnerships, funding designations can be specified during the application process.

    Will I still work with the same person?

    For talking about funding partnerships, your contact may change. If there are any changes to contacts for specific partnerships, you will be notified and we'll schedule a meeting to introduce your new contact.

    Will sponsorship benefits change?

    Sponsor benefits will remain the same through the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2024). We will announce our new partner sponsorship benefits in the next fiscal year (July 1, 2024) and work with regional and national sponsors individually to deliver benefits.

    Will curricula licensing benefits change?

    No, licensing benefits are not scheduled to change through fiscal year 2025. If your company has a licensing agreement with us, no changes will be made to your agreement until your scheduled renewal term.

    To whom should I direct funding-related questions? (Grants, corporate sponsorship/partnership, donations)

    Roxanne Myslewski, Senior Director of Revenue: [email protected]