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Five Star Supporters: Building a Legacy

We are seeking five contributors to become our Five Star Supporters to launch the affiliate model. These contributors are organizations and individuals who truly recognize the benefit of financial education in increasing equitable opportunities for economic advancement.

Financial Beginnings is currently fielding requests from organizations and individuals interested in opening affiliates in markets across the United States. More than supporting this critical launch, our Five Star Supporters will also provide matching funds for a new affiliate in a market of interest to them. We have designed generous visibility benefits to honor the Five Star Supporters making a foundational investment at a pivotal time.

As a Five Star Supporter you will share your investment with only four other investors nationally, and will receive Five Star Supporter recognition opportunities exclusive to your affiliate’s market.

Your investment is one with the highest return: increasing the financial well-being of economically underserved individuals across the United States. The time is now, and we are ready. Join us!

For more information on this investment and its benefits, please contact Melody Bell, CEO, via email at melody@financialbeginnings or via phone at 800-406-1876 ext. 1.

"Financial Beginnings' programs are educational, interactive, and fun. My students asked lots of good questions about important topics relevant to them."

- Partnering Educator