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Do you want to know what it takes to be a Volunteer Presenter?

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Financial Beginnings is truly a volunteer-driven, community-oriented organization. Financial Beginnings' programs are enhanced by the career experience and personal knowledge of our volunteer teachers, many of whom work in or are retired from the finance, insurance or education industry. Volunteers inspire students and serve as strong community role models.  

The Basics

Professionals from around Oregon are given specialized training to visit classrooms and community groups to teach students (grades 4th – 12th & Young Adults) the basics of Banking, Budgeting, Investing, Credit, and Risk Management.  Students are provided with this vital information and are left with a message that they now possess the tools to successfully manage their financial future . 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

There are a variety of ways to get involved besides being a Volunteer Presenter. Opportunities include:

  • Sitting on a committee
  • Help with media
  • Efforts in fundraising
  • Being on the Board of Directors
  • Internships

If you are interested in any or all of these opportunities please contact us at . 

Click HERE to sign up for an upcoming Volunteer Orientation