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Youth Programs

Financial Beginnings offers the following financial education programs for youth in both English and Spanish. Click on the subject for more information:


Financial Beginnings has also teamed up with Inceptia, a private, nonprofit organization, to teach high school students personal finance basics in an engaging environment through its online financial education program, Financial Avenue.

Each program provides age-specific curriculum and teaches youth how to adeptly navigate banking, credit and insurance industries; actively participate in these industries; and responsibly manage their personal finances. Youth Programs represent our largest initiative, read more about our Youth Programs here.

Community Education

Annual Financial Literacy Conference for Educators

The first of its kind in Oregon,  our annual Financial Literacy Conference provides local educators the opportunity to discover new tools and knowledge for teaching financial literacy to their students. Through interactive workshops and engaging presentations, this conference continues to attract new participants each year, all the more eager to share their expertise and experiences with one another.

Public Forums: Unraveling the Mysteries of Your Money

Unraveling the Mysteries of Your Money is a series of free forums open to the general public. These forums offer expert panelists who field questions and discuss finance topics that are relevant and timely in today‚Äôs economy. Over the last three years, these forums have been well-attended and noted as a tremendous success by the community. By request from the general public, educators, and our partners, Financial Beginnings has expanded the series to provide additional topic-driven forums.